Aladdin: The Broadway Musical

The spots highlight fan favorite characters such as Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie while bringing the magic of theater into the viewers’ homes. There is both a play for nostalgia, for those who grew up with the classic Disney film, as well as excitement, in order to draw in new audiences. The campaign went on to… Continue reading Aladdin: The Broadway Musical


Warner Bros. partnered with Trailer Park Film on this high-impact announcement teaser for war film Dunkirk. The teaser highlighted the suspense of the epic military evacuation with a ticking clock sound effect, as well as the danger of the moment with subtle shots of fallen comrades and a fade to black right as it sounds… Continue reading Dunkirk

Baby Driver

The trailer used a combination of music and action sequences to get audiences excited for the Edgar Wright film.

Stranger Things – Season 2

Trailer Park Film partnered with Netflix on the highly celebrated trailer for Stranger Things Season 2. The Trailer debuted at San Diego’s Comi-Con and excited the attendees with the return of their most beloved characters, bigger and more terrifying monsters and the surprising incorporation of Michael Jackson’ Thriller. Befitting considering the new season launched on… Continue reading Stranger Things – Season 2