The Promise

Trailer Park Content discusses with director and Academy Award-winner Terry George and the cast why the story of the Armenian Genocide is important to tell. They explain the passion that went into the making of the film and why the events that happened 100 years ago are still relevant.

Bleed for This

Trailer Park Content partnered with Open Road Films on this theatrical featurette for Bleed for This. A true-story boxing Drama with a unique twist, Bleed For This required theatrical featurettes that communicated the movie’s originality and highly specific sense of place. In this piece, writer/director Ben Younger and his stars Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart explain… Continue reading Bleed for This

Snowden: Finding the Truth

Trailer Park Content partnered with legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone and Open Road Films to produce this theatrical featurette for Snowden. In this riveting story of global intrigue, national conspiracy and personal Drama, Stone turns his unflinching eye to the most controversial man of the 21st century: Edward Snowden. This piece highlights Stone’s journey with star… Continue reading Snowden: Finding the Truth


Exclusive interviews with producer-songwriter Pharrell Williams and actor-rapper A$AP Rocky served as a through line for this piece on why the music and the movie were so powerful.


The Oscar®-nominated thriller Nightcrawler shocked and impressed critics with its neo-noir tone, biting social criticism, and a chilling portrayal of an anti-hero by Jake Gyllenhaal. Through exclusive interviews with the cast and writer-director Dan Gilroy, the featurette If It Bleeds, It Leads produced by Trailer Park Content explored the movie’s central theme of media responsibility.… Continue reading Nightcrawler