Flight Lab: Mojave Boneyard

Flight Lab: Mojave Boneyard follows a team of hardcore drone racers on the ultimate Adventure, at a remote airplane graveyard transformed into an epic drone playground.

Down the Line

The piece was shot in our Hollywood studio, featuring VFX and compositing done by the Content team, as well as five different uses of a 2-in-1 device in a single take.

Intel Real Sense & Food Network

FoodNetwork.com featured 100 recipes enhanced with Intel’s Real Sense technology, allowing users to keep their hands in the pizza dough – and off of their keyboards.  Our videos introduced this new way to cook, explaining how to take advantage of the recipe’s hands-free and voice-controlled functions. The piece was seen by thousands on Intel’s YouTube… Continue reading Intel Real Sense & Food Network

Intel ‘How It Works’

We worked across the globe, taking to the streets of Barcelona and London to ask the public what they think makes devices work. We then designed, illustrated and animated the amusing answers consumers gave describing the inner workings of their Intel products. At the end of the spots, we revealed to them and to the… Continue reading Intel ‘How It Works’