Yahoo engaged Trailer Park iTV to produce a new graphics system designed to unify the Yahoo brand globally across all video presentations including their more than 20 channels.

The primary goal of this package was to align branding across and within all channels to create a unified cohesive brand framework for graphic packaging of all Yahoo video content including Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Autos as well as for Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric’s high profile video reports on the service.┬áThis packaging consistency helps consumers better navigate and recall the Yahoo video content they love to consume across the service.

The base graphic system was designed with a ‘mobile first’ sensibility and is big, bold and concise. It disseminates information clearly while possessing a strong journalistic integrity. The various applications of the package make it easy to assemble high impact graphic messaging across video presentations.

The system utilizes the 9-degree angle of “Yahoo Exclamation Point” as it’s primary design element.┬áMotion paths honor the strong visual language of mobile apps that slide and swipe off screen in transitions that reflect the very best attributes of the universally acclaimed mobile products from Yahoo (News Digest).

This new graphic package and internal architecture solution for video boldly supports Yahoo’s commitment to bringing users the best product and digital experience across all screens.