The Jungle Book

Disney partnered with Trailer Park film on a Super Bowl TV spot and theatrical trailer for The Jungle Book.

The intense TV spot aired during Super Bowl 50, providing a first-look at the live-action re-imagining of a classic. The lush environments and incredible beauty of the film drew viewers in as the spot urged them to watch the full trailer online. The trailer set up the central conflict of the film, opening with action and moving on to more tender moments, making the most of a beautiful soundtrack to welcome viewers into Mowgli’s world.

The TV spots highlighted the beauty and depth of the live-action and CGI re-imagination of a Disney classic, while reminding audiences of the characters they love, such as Mowgli, Bageera and, of course, Baloo. The spots also applied black space creatively as characters and animals seem to swing in and out of the frame, into the real world, drawing audiences in.