Captain America: Civil War

Trailer Park Film partnered with Disney and Marvel Studios to present an exciting trailer for Captain America: Civil War, the third film of the Marvel franchise.

The highly-anticipated trailer showcased the film’s biggest thrills and introduced new characters as the Avengers team goes to war with itself, exciting longtime Marvel fans and new audiences alike. The campaign won a 2016 Golden Trailer Award for Best Summer Blockbuster and the film set records at the box office, becoming the highest grossing film of 2016.

Trailer Park Home Entertainment partnered with Disney on the Blu-ray and digital release of Captain America: Civil War.

The continuation of the Avengers series needed TV spots as epic as the blockbuster itself, achieved with fast action-sequences and sparse dialogue to remind viewers why they loved the film in theaters. The spots also focus on fan-favorite characters such as Iron Man, Black Widow and the introduction of a new Spider-Man, to draw in new audiences and fans of the other Marvel Universe films.