Beatriz at Dinner

Trailer Park Film partnered with Roadside Attractions to create a darkly comical trailer for Beatriz at Dinner. The trailer quickly hooks the audience on the central story of the film and big laughs with a healer who shakes up one family’s status quo.


This trailer shuttles audiences back in time and collides the worlds of 1977 and 1927 with the aid of David Bowie’s Space Oddity.┬áBased on the best-selling novel by Brian Selznick, follows the story of two deaf children from two eras who secretly wish their lives were different. Trailer Park Film partnered with Amazon Studios to… Continue reading Wonderstruck

Lady Macbeth

The trailer opens on a storm and carries the dark mood throughout the preview, which allows the audience a glimpse at a tale of a subjugated woman who strikes back, leaving them wondering what is to become of her.